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Dawn has an amazing way with her that she can gently, simply hit the spot of the issue with such bright positivity that you wonder why you were left sitting in the dark with these cyclical behaviours when it was so easy to turn on that light. I can confidently say that I am mentally stronger, more able to cope with whatever the world has to throw at me and the crux of my issues has healed completely – what has replaced it is a confidence and acceptance that has shaped the core of me and that is all thanks to Dawn. “

A 40 year-old female with compulsive behaviour


“To be honest, I couldn’t see how any of this would work. My life was ruled by my past. It was there in the background all of the time. I couldn’t help it. It showed up everywhere and when I least expected it. My wife didn’t understand. Neither did my kids. After the first session I felt lighter but the most impact was towards the end of the 3 months. It was as if it all fell into place. All I can say is that I feel that my life has come back to me. I still get flashbacks and some bad days but I can handle them. I would recommend this to anyone.”

A 42 year-old male with diagnosed PTSD

Army Veteran

After my divorce, my daughter blamed me for everything. She became withdrawn and angry and I knew I wasn’t helping but couldn’t stop myself from shouting back. Dawn helped both me and my daughter through RTT. I understood how my own guilt was causing issues and my daughter (12) could see why she was angry. We are working on our relationship and listening to our own recordings and every day things are getting better.

A 46 year-old female with angry teenage daughter

Single mum

I was just too frightened about getting out of the bed, it was two years... Dawn changed that. The first thing you say to yourself is you don’t need people but you do, you do need people and I am glad I had you Dawn. I thought you was cuckoo crazy , saying you would get me out of bed and walking again... but you did... you gave me my life back

A 79 year old with debilitating anxiety

Great Grandmother